Cooking 101

CLASS | $95 per person + HST Min 6 person

**(If you don't have 6 people we can try to make up the class)

This  introductory class will help you become a more proficient and experienced Chef at home. It does not matter what your present skill level is Chefs Philip will bring your skills to the next level.  

We will introduce some basic techniques and skills that will benefit you in future classes and for many years to come. When working in the kitchen, it is important to know that your hands are your most important tools; we will teach you how to work with the most common kitchen knives while learning to properly slice, dice, chop and gain confidence with your knives. We will also discuss basic cooking methods, seasonings, flavorings and seasonality of many ingredients.

A great sauce defines a great chef”… these are the words of famed French Chef Bernard Point. A properly prepared sauce can bring a dish to new levels of excellence or to new levels of dissatisfaction. Let our chef show you the secrets of the professional Saucier while preparing leading sauces such as: Béchamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Tomato and the famous Hollandaise. Philip will also discuss which dishes these sauces compliment and those that they do not.

I will teach you about the various cooking methods for chicken and some unique variations on old favorites. You will also learn about safe handling & how to utilize less costly cuts. Included is a selection of chef tested recipes for you to try at home.

Learn how to Cook a perfect Steak . I will show you the proper way to cook a steak, and the benefits of different cooking methods. You will learn about where and how to buy the best cuts of meat and the difference between dry and wet aged beef and the federal grading system. Chef Philip will send you home with new cooking skills and techniques